News from the desk of Sheriff Potter


“Sheriff Potter Shines Light on Solar Scams”

As your DeSoto County Sheriff, I feel it is crucial to address the emergence of deceptive practices within the solar industry. Recent actions announced by Attorney General Ashley Moody emphasizes the need for heightened awareness when dealing with solar companies. Read more here.

Reports detailing misleading tactics, misrepresented information and financial harm allegedly caused by solar companies highlight the necessity of taking precautionary measures if you or someone you know are receiving these services. Deceptive practices may involve false promises of quick installation timelines, exaggerated benefits and misleading information about savings or incentives.

At the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office, we encourage you to stay vigilant and conduct thorough research before engaging with any solar company. By taking the time to review contracts, seek reputable sources for information and read through customer reviews to gauge a company’s credibility, you can stay aware of these fraudulent incidents.

We don’t want you to feel pressured into making an immediate decision during a sales pitch. Rushed decisions can lead to overlooked details in contracts, potentially causing problems or financial harm later on.

Attorney General Moody's advice is invaluable: be wary of companies claiming government affiliations, carefully read contracts before signing and discuss how solar panels might affect your home insurance coverage with your provider.

If you or someone you know suspects or encounters any suspicious or deceptive practices related to solar or any other companies, we encourage you to report these incidents to the DCSO Investigations Bureau, at 863-993-4700. Your reports can help protect others from falling victim to similar schemes.

Our goal at the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office is to ensure the safety and security of YOU. By staying informed, taking precautionary steps and reporting concerning activities, we can work together to protect ourselves against deceptive practices within our community.

Be Kind, Be Safe, God Bless.

Sheriff Jim Potter