Hiring Off Duty Deputies

Deputies are available for private hire during their off-duty hours at the request of citizens, organizations and businesses. These deputies can assist the community by providing law enforcement services relating to crowd control, traffic control and security.

Deputies may be hired for the following:

  •  Civic celebrations
  •  Construction sites
  •  Private functions
  •  Social events
  •  Store sales events

The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to refuse or cancel off-duty work assignments that are in conflict with the law or values of the Sheriff’s Office.

Rate of Service: $35.00 per hour.

NOTE: Payment for services must be made prior to the event.

3 hour minimum – A Deputy can work less than 3 hours but must be paid for a minimum of 3 hours.

Based upon the size or type of event, the Sheriff’s Office may require additional deputies be hired to ensure the safety of event participants,  citizens and deputies.

For further information regarding employment of off-duty deputies contact Captain Andrew Proudfit. 863-491-6716.