Taylor 1Staci “Taylor” Browning Jones started her career with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office as a telecommunicator on May 11, 2010. In 2016 she was promoted to Shift Supervisor, in 2017 she transferred to records and warrants, in 2018 she transferred to finance, in 2020 she became the 911 Coordinator of DeSoto County, in November 2022 she was promoted to E911 Coordinator/PSAP Manager.

Taylor is responsible for ensuring that the county’s E911 System meets or exceeds the technical and operational standards of the State of Florida 911 plan. This includes fiscal, technical, operational and strategic planning issues of computer-aided dispatch (CAD), Master Street Address Guide (MSAG), Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Map addressing problem resolution. She is the addressing authority for the county as she assigns and manages addresses to provide accuracy of the 911 database. She also manages the telecommunicator’s in our Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Taylor was born and raised in Desoto County and a graduate of Desoto County High School, Class of 2009.Contact information:

Staci Taylor Browning Jones
Desoto County Sheriff’s Office
208 East Cypress Street
Arcadia, Florida 34266

Grubbs 1Yolanda Grubbs started her career with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office in 2016 as a Telecommunications Operator. In 2020, she was promoted to Shift Supervisor, where she took on the responsibility of supervising telecommunicators.

In 2016, she completed the 911 Dispatch Academy which took 11 months, totaling 240 hours of accredited training.

Yolanda was born and raised in DeSoto County where she remains for her family and growth to be successful.


Browning 2Rebecca Browning started her career with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office in December 2014. In 2018 she was promoted from a telecommunicator to Dispatch Supervisor. She was then promoted to Communications Manager in February of 2020.  In November of 2020 she trained as a dispatcher in Charlotte County where she realized she wanted to make a difference in her home town. Rebecca currently serves as a Dispatch Supervisor. She has attended multiple training courses as well as other programs. She has taken several courses throughout her career to include FEMA, Diabetic Emergency & Officer Response, Emergency Medical Dispatch and more.

Rebecca was born and raised in DeSoto County where she raises her son and daughter with her Firefighter Husband.

HernandezLilian Hernandez started her journey at the DeSoto County Sheriff’s office in August of 2020 as a telecommunicator. She completed 240 hours in the Public Safety Academy. Throughout her employment she has gone through various trainings such as FEMA, Emergency Medical Dispatch and many more. Lilian is eager to further her career with the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office.

Lilian was born and raised in Arcadia, Florida where she remains with her family.


Harlee Scott