News from the Desk of Sheriff Potter - 8/15/2022

8-12-22 News from the Desk of Sheriff James F. Potter - School is in; Please Drive Cautiously (2) - Copy

Summer break is over, and our city and county streets are bustling with extra traffic as the start of the 2022-2023 school year is upon us. As we go through our daily commutes, I want to remind the community how important it is to follow the rules of the road when it comes to school bus safety and school zones. At times this information may seem redundant, but in the end, our primary concern is the safety of our children, young adults, staff members, bus drivers, and our very own School Crossing Guards.

We were all kids once and knew that paying attention to our surroundings was not always at the forefront of our minds. Today is no different, and it is safe to say kids face even more distractions than you and I were subject to with the development of technology, not even thought of when we were in school. It is so important that we drive with caution near schools and know where the school zones begin and end, and make sure we slow to the enforced 15mph speed limit. Getting cited for speeding in a school zone could be costly, as well as place negative points on your driver’s license.

Our school bus drivers are dedicated individuals who are tasked with getting our students to and from school safely. Each day they are faced with distracted drivers or law-breaking drivers who pass when the stop arm is out. Don’t be alarmed if you observe our deputies at school bus stops or following school busses, as this is the protocol I established some time ago. Furthermore, please educate yourself on the rules of passing busses as illustrated in the picture provided with this article. At a minimum, not following these rules could also cost you dollars and negative points on your license. Endangering or taking the life of an innocent child by careless driving would be unthinkable.

In closing, it is up to us to ensure that our students arrive safely, whether walking, riding bikes, being dropped off by parents, or boarding a school bus. If the busses are in your view or the school zone lights are flashing, please drive with caution.

God Bless, Be Safe

Sheriff Jim Potter