Road Patrol Division

PN-Patrol-ASSBy far, the most visible aspect of the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office is the road patrol division. Deputy sheriffs assigned to road patrol put their lives on the line for each of us every day. While patrolling the 640 square miles of territory that makes up DeSoto County, Deputy Sheriff’s respond to domestic disputes, rapes, homicides, larcenies, harassment, fights, neighbor disputes and all other types of incidents of a criminal and non-criminal nature. They are sometimes called upon to take on the role of teachers, counselors, social workers, negotiators and problem solvers. Their constant training, on the job experience and life experience allow them to be able to handle any type of situation. They make split second decisions every day. Sometimes those decisions can mean life or death.

Patrol deputies arrest all types of criminals including violent offenders, drug dealers, drunken drivers, burglars, rapists and child abusers. They console grieving loved ones of those that have been injured or lost their lives and provide assistance to stranded motorists.

Deputies must possess in-depth knowledge of the law and it’s application and are trained in self-defense, pursuit driving, first aid, evidence collection, criminal investigation, DUI recognition and enforcement, interviewing techniques, computers, and much more. Like all professionals, the deputies of DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office are continuously learning.

Deputies are called on to work all hours of the day and night, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays. They sacrifice their personal wants for your needs. They do this, not because it’s their job. They do this because it’s who they are.

Jose Vitali
Road Patrol Supervisor


Timothy Hilgeman
Road Patrol Supervisor

Court Security

250px-Desoto_CourthouseThe Court Security Unit is responsible for providing security at the DeSoto County Court House. For additional courthouse information click on the image.

School Resource

school_summer_camp_053A Deputy Sheriff is assigned to  the DeSoto Middle School and the DeSoto County High School. The officers are present not only to help protect our future, the youth, but also to interact with the students.computercopK-2515t