The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team is comprised of members that meet the training and physical requirements 
necessary to perform duties as Underwater Recovery Specialists. The team members are made up of law enforcement deputies from within the ranks of the Sheriff's Office.

The Dive Team conducts multiple mission oriented tasks such as; underwater searches, forensic searches for physical evidence, as well as search and recovery operations. Other waterborne tasks include surface searches, ground searches and rescue and safety operations. The DeSoto County Sheriff's Office Dive Team maintains readiness to meet these demands within DeSoto County or when called upon in other jurisdictions. dive6

The Dive Team missions are hazardous and difficult to perform due to varying environmental factors under the surface of the water. The Dive Team trains regularly in order to meet the safety demands of this vital function. It is imperative that the DeSoto County Sheriff's Office is able to assist and aid persons on the water ways of DeSoto County when needed.