Some of the primary functions of the Narcotics Division include:
Patrol Interdiction:  The main duty of the Narcotics Division is patrol interdiction.  The Narcotics Division conducts traffic enforcement while performing surveillance of areas suspected of unlawful narcotic related activity. 


Reported Complaints:
  The Narcotics Division receives reports from concerned citizens of suspected unlawful narcotic related activity. The Narcotics Division utilizes the information gleened from these reports to conduct investigations.

Support Efforts: The Narcotics Division supports other divisions within the Sheriff's Office through proactive patrols with the purpose of aiding the investigation of unlawful activities.

Cooperation with other Law Enforcement Agencies: The Narcotics Division works hand in hand with other local, state and federal agencies. 

Local Tip line: 863-491-6767 
Narcotics Division: 863-494-5858