The Criminal Investigative Division (CID) is responsible for investigating all types of crimes.  The Road Patrol Division is responsible for handling initial complaints. Once the report is forwarded to the Road Patrol Lieutenant, the Road Patrol Lieutenant makes a determination as whether to forward the case to CID or to have the Road Patrol Deputy continue working the case. 
The Road Patrol Lieutenant will look at various factors to make this determination.  These factors include type of crime, severity of crime, whether weapons were involved, solvability factor and amount of follow up.  Once the Lieutenant makes a determination that the case needs to go to CID, the CID Sergeant will assign the case to a detective.  The division is comprised of the following personnel:
CID Sergeant:  The CID Sergeant is responsible for overseeing and supervising the criminal and agricultural divisions.  The CID Sergeant is responsible for reviewing reports at the beginning of shift and assigning cases that need immediate attention to respective detectives.  The CID Sergeant is responsible for assigning cases routed by road patrol lieutenant, reviewing and approving reports, moral, training, scheduling, time management, keeping up with criminal trends and crime prevention.
Within CID there are the following detective assignments: 

General Crimes Detectives:  This division is comprised of a total of three general crimes detectives.  They are mainly responsible for investigating property, financial, robbery, pawn, misdemeanor and felony cases.  

Person Crimes Detective: This division is comprised of one detective responsible for missing persons, child crimes, sexual battery, sex offender compliance and department of children and families (DCF) cases.